Character Designs

ROBOWarrior sketch and rendering

Robowarrior – A character design

This is kind of robot that I have made which is more close to human form which shows masculine power and aggression in machine. Bright yellow and red shade shows its closeness related to fire and aggression. Small jet propellers are at the back side of the robot which gives the ability to fly and by regulating the propeller robot can change the direction and can move freely in the air. A mechanical wings are attached to the propeller engine for smooth flying movement. Wings closes when on ground and opens up when ready for flying… The aggressiveness gives him a role of warrior to attack and conquer.


Roboguard – Another character  I made

This character is inspired from the rawness of the copper/ bronze that were used in Armour and weapons in wars a quite centuries ago. This is a classic kind of robot which reflects its sturdy form as a character. It’s role is to protect the territory. Like Robo warrior it is also equipped with jet propellers and wings to fly in the air. Its wing closes like a fly’s , on ground opens up when ready to fly.

robot sketch and rendering

ROBO – Next generation robot

This is the next generation robot that I have designed. Steel and lightweight aluminium body colour surfacing is done to show its robot machine character in it. Laser guns are its main destructive weapons. Jet propellers are located in the bottom part of the legs. A more advanced robot…

An Alien…


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